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Our desire is to become disciples of Jesus. History tells us that when the young Jewish boys were learning from their Rabbi's, the greatest compliment for them, was that they were "covered in the dust of the Rabbi". In other words, they were so closely imitating their mentor, to be covered in his dust.

The word "disciple" literally means "a learner."  The Bible paints a picture of a disciple as "one who follows another person's teaching."  In fact, disciples in the Bible were not just learners, they were imitators of Jesus. Our desire is to be transformed-inside and out-into a reflection of Jesus. We believe that this is best done, not alone, but in community with others as we participate together in three threads: WORSHIP, GROWTH, and SERVICE.

For more information, contact Les Milner at: lesmilner@usfamily.net

Services and Location Sunday morning
Encounter 9:00 am
Worship 10:15 am
930 Mahtomedi Avenue
Mahtomedi, MN 55115

(Phone) 651-653-4950
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